Earphones may soon be out of style, as a man named Richard Haberkern claims to have just developed a speaker that streams audio files directly into a listener's ear.

The gadget, called the Soundlazer VR, is a speaker that hangs above a listener's head just like a lighting fixture. According to Haberkern, it is able to deliver "a high fidelity, focused cloud of sound that others can't hear."

The Soundlazer VR has a row of small speakers set into a small plank of CNC wood. Audio output emitted by the speakers bounce off a parabolic reflector made out of transparent acrylic material, which directs the sound to the listeners directly under it.

Really, it is about directing sound.

Though the Soundlazer VR promises to create a personal listening zone for those directly below it, Haberkern says that it is possible for some sound to escape when the volume of the audio source is turned-up. However, he adds that the escaped sound won't cause others within the gadget's vicinity to be totally distracted, as it is still much quieter than traditional speakers.

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