With all the new advancements in high-technology items, its hard to notice that even the small-scale stuff is getting plenty of upgrades. Noise-cancellation is the hottest thing in headphones now. Bose is the king of the field, but maybe not for long.

Sony has revealed its newest offering in the headphones biz: the MDR-1000X. These headphones offer a high degree of cancellation thanks to noise sensors, sound-deadening ear pads, and better control as to when you want to let noise in.

David Carnoy/CNET

These headphones can even take into account actual head shape. Wearing glasses? Have a huge head of hair? These headphones will factor that into the cancellation process. They call it this the Sense Engine feature. The headphones also let you control when you want to hear the outside world. Place your hand over the right ear cup, and the noise cancelling is off. An ambient sound mode allows low-level sounds to filter through.

The headphones are wireless, and boast a 20-hour battery life. They can also upscale the audio quality of compressed audio formats using the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine. Want more features? These headphones use a touchpad on the right ear, allowing you to tap to play/pause tracks, swipe up and down to adjust volume, or left and right to skip or repeat tracks.

Shell out $400, £330 or AU$700 and a pair is yours. The headphones will begin to ship in October

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