Hot Jupiters

Hot Jupiters are extrasolar planets with traits similar to the Jupiter in our solar system, except that they are relatively closer to their parental star. For 20 years, scientists have wondered how hot Jupiters form. It is thought that gaseous planets, such as our Jupiter, form in low temperatures and thus are required to be far from their stars. However this cannot be the case with hot Jupiters, especially considering the hot Jupiter with two close-in planetary companions.

The Discovery

So far 300 hot Jupiters have been discovered, but this is the first time one was discovered with two close-in planetary companions.  The discovery was made using data from the K-2 mission. A “citizen scientist” was the first to note the possibility of a planet companion, and the observation was then confirmed by scientists from the University of Michigan. One of the two close-in planets have a size similar to that of Neptune while the other was a super-Earth inner companion.

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