• NASA has been dependent on Russia for transportation to the ISS since 2011, when it ended its space shuttle program. The lack of funding for Boeing and SpaceX’s program to develop private vessels left them with no other choice, despite the relations between the U.S. and Russia hitting an all time low since the Cold War.
  • Charles Bolden, a NASA Administrator, warned Congress that unless the funding requested by President Obama is granted in the 2016 budget, Boeing and SpaceX will not be able to complete their plan to send their first manned vessels by the end of 2017.
  • Their program requires $1.24 billion to complete, but the Republican majority is suggesting to reduce this funding by $250-300 million, which will result in funding running out for both companies. "The fastest path to bringing these new systems online, launching from America, and ending our sole reliance on Russia is fully funding NASA's Commercial Crew Program in FY 2016," says Bolden.

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