This Memorial Day weekend is going to start with a bang, and we aren't talking about fireworks (though there may be some of those as well). We are going to be visited by a brand new meteor shower. The Camelopardalids meteor shower will be starting Friday, May 23rd. Astronomer's predict that the best part of the show will occur between 2 a.m.  and 4 a.m. EDT. This weekend with be the first time that Earth passes through the cloud of dust that comet 209P/LINEAR leaves behind, making this a never before see new meteor shower! What's more, experts say that this shower could rival the year's best Perseids shower, with up to 200 meteors per hour.

Comet  209P/LINEAR is a rather dim comet that orbits the Sun every 5 years, and as previously mentioned, this will be the first time that Earth passed through its trail. Fortunately for us, it seems that we will be passing through a rather large hunk of it's remains. In fact, some astronomers are predicting that Earth will pass through the remnants of all of the debris trails that were left between 1083 C.E. and 1924 C.E. That's some 800 years worth of comet remains. Learn more below:

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