Do you want to have a hand in shaping history? Well, now you have a chance...


You can help astronomers name the moons of Pluto! Head over to before February 25th and cast your vote. Be sure to return to the site each day, as you have a new opportunity to vote every 24 hours.


And we *really* need people to vote. Currently, the moons are known to as 'P4' and 'P5' … Let’s be honest, those names are exceedingly lame. So have a hand in creating a title that is more fitting, and be sure to encourage everyone you know to take part as well.


You are even allowed to write in suggestions; however, astronomers have retained veto power, so don’t bother writing in things that are silly or inappropriate (there goes our chance to name one “Jed I” and the other “Knight”). But “Vulcan” is an option, and that’s almost as cool (so make sure you get all your trekkie friends out to rock the vote).


These moons were discovered fairly recently; they appeared in images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2011 and 2012. The names that have been pre-selected for voting follow in the tradition of using titles from Greek and Roman mythology. However, as I said, scientists are allowing write-ins, and you can even have an opportunity to rationalize the name you suggest. So make your voice heard, and then spread the word!




If you missed the previous link, click here to vote:

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