• The company says its new machine can form a ball of superheated gas and hold it steady for up to 5 milliseconds, which would be the first time researchers have held fusion plasma in a steady state without decaying. Taming a superheated gas has been a huge hurdle to fusion power.
  • However, the reason it was only 5 milliseconds and not longer is that the company ran out of power, which indicates that this fusion breakthrough is still likely energy negative. The machine used a fusion fuel that is a mix of hydrogen and boron, which is heated to strip the hydrogen atoms of their electrons and turned into a high-energy plasma. Tri Alpha Energy says it's tamed the plasma.
  • Tri Alpha Energy is so secretive that it doesn't even have a website, although anonymous investors seem to be pleased with the startup's progress: "For the first time since we started investing, with this breakthrough it feels like the stone is starting to roll downhill rather than being pushed up it.”

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