NASA- This self-portrait of NASA's Mars rover Curiosity combines 66 exposures taken by the rover's Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI). The rover's robotic arm is not visible in the mosaic. MAHLI, which took the component images for this mosaic, is mounted on a turret at the end of the arm. Wrist motions and turret rotations on the arm allowed MAHLI to acquire the mosaic's component images. The arm was positioned out of the shot in the images or portions of images used in the mosaic.


As many of you probably know, NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has been having some issues. First, there was a memory malfunction, then the rover had to power down because of a particularly powerful solar storm that went sweeping past Mars, and now it has a software issue. So the rover has, once again, been placed in standby mode as engineers at NASA attempt to diagnose and fix the problem.


Currently, the rover is operating on its “B-side” computer, having switched from the “A-side” computer when it had its initial memory malfunction. Fortunately, NASA has already repaired the “A-side” and it is available as backup, if need be. But it does not seem that the rover will need to switch computers (which is very good news). Richard Cook, the project manager of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, states, "This is a very straightforward matter to deal with…and we know how to keep this from occurring in the future."


Hopefully, NASA will be able to deal with this matter and get Curiosity quickly back on its feet (so to speak). However, the rover will be inactive for at least a few more days.

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