Robot Weather Girl

Microsoft's Chinese version of Cortana, named Xiaoice, has found great success in the country and is used widely across the country on platforms like WeChat, Weibo, and After having appeared on the morning live TV program “Morning News,” Xiaoice has joined the show and now hosts everyday weather forecasts as a trainee.

“Xiaoice is a critical artificial intelligence product for Microsoft and she has been first launched in China and Japan,” says Dr. Yongdong Wang. “We feel thrilled to work with SMG to introduce Xiaoice into the live TV programme and to jointly open a new chapter in the history of the scientific technology and television.”

See it in action in the video below.

Microsoft’s Xiaoice

Xiaoice is the first artificial intelligence to ever take an anchor job. Microsoft says that her voice sounds more like a human’s compared to any other AI to date. The system uses deep learning techniques to parse through big data to analyse the weather and present the data on a live broadcast. Xiaoice will also have “emotional computing” technologies, enabling her to make more emotional commentary.

Xiaoice has been able to score 4.32 points in linguistic naturalness, which is the closest that an AI has ever scored to that of a human’s voice, which scores 4.76.

“Although human anchors can’t be completely replaced by Xiaoice in the near term, Xiaoice and human anchors will well supplement each other as Xiaoice’s capabilities in deep learning, Internet big data analysis, instant large-scale online and offline concurrent interactions are unexceptional.” says Mr. Jiongming Song, Director of SMG TV News Center."

Learn more about Microsoft's Cortana in this video.

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