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From Quarks to Quasars is an organization working to ensure that everyone (regardless of education, economic situation, or background) has free access to the latest developments in scientific news and research. We were founded to help promote scientific literacy; we will be hosting scholarships, assisting nonprofits, and working with like-minded individuals and organizations in order to disseminate information to people from diverse backgrounds and help everyone see the awesomeness that is science. Consequently, through your purchase, you not only help a great organization, you get some cool products in return.


We have a number of unique designs and colors to choose from (some of which are pictured in the attached image). These were specifically created for the geek in all of us. If you are looking for a gift for a fellow science lover, this is a great place to get cool items and contribute to a good cause.


To see all our products, see: The FQtQ Store


Be sure to bookmark the page and check back later; we hope to have a few design updates in the coming weeks. And as always, thanks for being awesome.


Science on,

~The FQtQ Team

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