Working in Secret

The secretive Magic Leap has been working on their augmented reality device in complete secrecy for years now, but they've still managed to raise almost half a billion dollars from Google. Speaking at the WSJD conference in Laguna Beach this past week. Magic Leap President and CEO Rony Abovitz said, “we’re actually gearing up to build millions of things. We’re not ready to announce when we’re shipping, but it gives you a signal that we’re not far.” The company is currently using part of an old Motorola factory in Florida.

What We Know So Far

The company has yet to reveal what the Magic Leap device will look like, although Abovitz has described it as a “small, self-contained computer that people will feel comfortable using in public” and involves retinal projection technology. Magic Leap has also released a demo video, which featured its technology in a real-world setting.

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