Today, many people look at reading as a repulsive enterprise that is only to be undertaken under the gravest circumstance. Perhaps this is because we are becoming more and more accustomed to getting information instantaneously. Or perhaps this is because, from a rather young age, children are taught to treat books as homework instead of treasured friends and fond memories.

But of course, not everyone loathes literature. There are still those who proclaim their love of reading—There are still some who get together for book clubs, who consume text after text, who define their lives by the words they read, and who cherish the friends that they find buried deep in a book's pages.

Regardless of which category you fall into, before you begin, it’s always nice to know exactly how much time and effort you’re going to need to put in to tackling a new book. Ultimately, this is what led to the creation of the handy  infographic posted below. It was created by California gifts company Personal Creations. The graphic lists over 60 of the world’s most popular books, including works by Dickens, Huxley, Austen, Tolkien, Tolstoy, and many more. It covers children's literature, science fiction, plays, Gothic fiction, and pretty much every other genre that you can imagine. And it estimates the time it would take an average reader (a speed of 300 words per minute) to finish them.

So take a look, and see what's in store for you...

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