We live in an age when all the world’s knowledge and information is (quite literally) at our fingertips. And yet, there are millions of people who don’t have access to a basic education. This says something about the kind of society that we live in. In many ways, we effectively kill curiosity and an individuals' desire to discover and to explore the world around them. And we do this in a number of ways:

We reward athletic ability over intellectual ability; we force facts down children’s throats, but we don’t teach them what to do with these facts; we don’t give teachers the resources necessary for them to teach to every type of learner and, instead, focus on mindless regurgitation; we don’t allow people to participate in their own education; we point fingers and name call and hate and blame instead of stopping to evaluate the ways in which we contribute to these problems and what really needs to be done to solve them.

Fortunately, there are a number of amazing people who are working to change the course of this troubling trend, and FQTQ needs your help finding them.

In the next few weeks, From Quarks to Quasars will be doing a fundraiser to support individuals or organizations that are working to create a better future. With over 1.3 million regular subscribers, the impact could be astounding. And we want you to help us find a deserving party.

If you know of an organization, Kickstarter project, individual etc. that is in need of assistance, send their details our way. You can comment on this post, but the most effective way to reach us is to email contact@fromquarkstoquasars.com Please include a link to a relevant website, or to other contact information, so that we can evaluate your suggestion and ensure that they are a deserving party. Once we have received all submissions, readers will have an opportunity to select the final choice from our top selections. And be sure to share this post with any who might be interested!

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