• The 3D printed eyes are to be constructed with the use of a potential bio-ink that encompasses the obvious cells required to replace those found in a natural set of eyes. The bio-inks could be varied in different combinations.
  • Once an original pair of eyes are surgically removed, the MHOX research team has a concept for connecting the 3D printed ones to a ‘deck’ inside the head, which would actually allow eyes not only to be inserted — but upgraded as well.
  • With the projection that EYEs would be available by January 2027, the team has proposed several models that would offer the ability to connect to WiFi. The Enhance and Advance versions work with a gland in the 3D printed eyes that, when coupled with the combination of an ingested pill, spurs on enzymes that respectively offer different color tones and visual accentuations, or allow WiFi communication.

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