In theory we’d all like to make the switch to solar energy. It's better for the planet, and unless your town has an evil billionaire with a dastardly plot to block out the sun, the cost of sunlight will always be free. The only problem? Not everyone stands to realize the same rate of return on the investment. So, is solar worth it for you? It depends on numerous factors, including your home’s architecture and geographical location, not to mention all the local laws, regulations, and tax incentives in your particular state and municipality. Luckily, there are third-party solar energy advocates like Understand Solar that can help consumers navigate the complex solar energy marketplace and make informed decisions about their future.

The Cost Solar Power is More Affordable Than Ever

The solar energy industry has exploded over the last decade. Solar employment has more than doubled since 2010, pumping an estimated $17 billion into the American economy, and the industry as a whole has experienced an average annual growth rate of 50 percent.

The reason for this growth? It’s not that consumers have suddenly forsaken rational self-interest, and are now willing to pay more for clean energy out of an overarching concern for the greater good. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Today, for more people than ever before, going solar makes financial sense. And we’re not just talking about reducing your monthly energy bill, either. Thanks to dramatically lower costs of installation, solar energy systems can actually be outstanding long term investments.

Over the last ten years, the average cost of retrofitting a home for solar energy has dropped 70 percent. Meanwhile, various local and federal tax incentives, such as the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit, typically knock off another 30 percent. As a result, the upfront costs of going solar are lower than they’ve ever been. Then there are the home equity gains—roughly $20,000 for every $1,000 saved on annual energy costs—plus the projected long-term increases in conventional energy rates. When you factor this all together, financial experts believe an investment in solar energy could potentially outperform traditional savings, mutual funds, or even stock portfolios over the course of 20 years.

But again, not everybody is going to get that kind of a return on an investment in solar energy. So how do you figure out is solar is worth it for you? You take two minutes and fill out an online form from Understand Solar.

Understand Solar - Find Out If Solar Is Worth It For You


Understand Solar does not sell or install solar equipment. Their only goal is to help grow the solar energy industry by educating and motivating consumers. To that end they provide personalized assessments of individual homes and arrange in-home estimates with fully vetted local solar installers—all 100 percent free of charge.

To get started, simply fill out Understand Solar’s online form. After that you’ll be contacted via phone by a customer service representative. This representative will go over your personalized assessment, explain all your financing options, and help you figure out what’s right for you.

It could turn out that retrofitting your home for solar energy would be a huge waste of money. Or it could turn out that you’re one of the lucky ones who could triple their investment over twenty years. But the only way you’re going to find out is if you go to Understand Solar and fill out their form to get your free assessment.

So why wait? Start investigating whether solar is right for you today with Understand Solar.

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