By looking at fossil records, we can pretty much trace the slight changes in the human skeletal system all the way back, which can help us understand how slight evolutionary changes have led to, well, us.

This leads to an insane question that (if you are like me) you probably didn't think about until you saw the headline; What if every animal on the planet developed skeletal systems that resemble ours? It would be horrific, that's what—total nightmares.

WATCH: Hominid 

[mom_video type="vimeo" id="37742808"]

The animated video, which was created by Brian Andrews, is based on a composite piece he created, entitled "Hominid ." He is famous for combining the human skeletal system with animals skin and fur.

Stills From the Hominid Video:

All of the media in this feature is credited to Brian Andrews. See more of his work here.

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