• SpaceLiner is a rocket-propelled intercontinental passenger transport, described by the institute as a two-stage vehicle powered by rocket propulsion. The passenger flight, set to be built in 2030, will carry up to 100 people and fly 20 times faster than the speed of sound making it possible to travel from London to Sydney in under 90 minutes.

  • The rocket-powered system incorporates a flyback booster and other dual-use technologies which could also be applied to architectures for launching payloads into low Earth orbit. The reusable vehicle would be accelerated by 11 liquid rocket engines—nine for the booster and two for the passenger stage, operated using the cryogenic liquid oxygen and hydrogen.

  • First the team will have to raise $33 billion for construction and then submit the design to multiple reviews, ArsTechnica report. "We have several hundred million passengers traveling intercontinental distances each year. But even if the share will only be 0.2%... from a space perspective that’s a potentially huge impact." said Mark Sippel, the project leader.

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