The Breakthrough

The University of Texas Medical Branch partners with MakerNurse to help improve healthcare by allowing nurses and clinicians to create new tools and devices through the help of 3D printers and laser cutters. The makerspace is equipped with tools and materials and is divided into workstations, which cater to different ailments that demand different types of care. All creations by the nurses can be an entirely new tool or an add-on to an existing one, as long as it "can take the art of nursing to the next level."

The Implications

Lori Melichar, director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, believes that giving the nurses this option can make healthcare affordable, effective, and patient-centered. This will also mean that if these nurses are able to solve the solutions themselves, the need to outsource them to engineers and designers would be reduced. The makerspace empowers nurses and clinicians by not just making them identify the problem, but to make a solution through their own hands.

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