Taking the Lead

Honda is currently coming up with a new version of robot ASIMO that's specially designed for disaster response. Though not much has been disclosed regarding this new robot, it appears to be equipped with sensors that continuously measure its position and velocity in real-time - enabling it to easily shift to quadruped mode "without maintaining a static center of gravity." Honda believes that banking on ASIMO's ability to walk like a human will be more than beneficial, especially now that they've already designed a version that could navigate through obstacles and even climb ladders.

Why It Wasn't Used in Fukushima

Despite ASIMO being able to carry loads, walk, and even sprint, Honda says that they would've been useless if they were in Fukushima. At that time, they weren't designed to handle any form of chaos, and it would only take one little accident for the multi-million dollar investment to go down the drain. Due to this, the company is now currently working on this shortcoming and hopes to have the robot ready for future disaster response scenarios.

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