• The company's vision is that people will be able to swallow a pill filled with these nanoparticles, which will attach themselves to specific cells, proteins, and other molecules inside the body, depending on what they're "decorated" with.
  • When they come in contact with cancer cells, the nanoparticles will "light up." The pills will pair with a wristband, which will be able to detect any lighted nanoparticles in someone's blood.
  • To develop the pills and wristband — which are still a long way from becoming a reality — Google needs to measure how light passes through different types of skin. So, for its research, Google is making human skin in its Life Sciences facility. Read more: http://uk.businessinsider.com/why-google-is-making-real-human-skin-2015-1?r=US#ixzz3QQqN5sZM

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