Project Loon

Loon is a Google’s research and development project with the objective of providing internet access to rural and remote areas of the world. It makes use of high-altitude helium-filled balloons placed in the stratosphere to create an aerial wireless network. So far it has been tested by telecommunication companies Telefonica, Telstra, and Vodafone.


Google has let known that it has “almost perfected” its Loon project. Wael Fakharany, regional business lead for Google revealed in Cape Town, South Africa. He said that now Google is looking to bring it to scale in the Southern Hemisphere for its initial tests and then go further from there. Google has been working closely with operators and the telcos, taking them on as strategic partners for the Loon project. Fakharany said that the operators control the distribution, marketing, operations support systems, business support systems, and the customer relationship management. Google just provides the infrastructure.

Besides Project Loon, Google is also working on Project Titan, another ambitious mission using high-altitude drones for internet access and surveying. It is also planning to use the drones for data harvesting, particularly when it comes to the deforestation of the planet

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