• The Renderman hack was revealed by Mach Kobayashi, who currently works at Google but used to work at Pixar. The trick adapts Pixar's industry-leading algorithms that describe how light bounces off virtual objects for 360-degree environments.
  • This new trick enables "omnidirectional rendering," allowing Pixar-quality visual renders to be adapted for platforms like Google Cardboard (likely because Kobayashi works for Google) or Oculus. If you're not an expert in optics, it might be hard to grok, but full documentation of Kobayashi's trick is available here.
  • If Pixar were to create some kind of VR content for the public with the polish that its famous for, it could be a breakthrough moment for virtual reality -- and this kind of presentation got Pixar animators excited. For example, imagine a Toy Story or Wall-E movie for Google Cardboard.

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