You can now wear pollution on your sleeve--quite literally, it's being made into cufflinks.

Daan Roosegaarde is in the business of “making the landscapes of the future.” His studio has made dance floors that produce electricity when danced on and smart, glowing roads. Now Studio Roosegaarde has designed the Smog Free Tower, essentially the world’s largest smog vacuum cleaner. It stands 23 feet tall and the Kickstarter to fund the device’s installation in Rotterdam raised 10% of its goal in the first two days.

Studio Roosegaarde

The unit will be able produce an estimated 123 million cubic feet of cleaned air each day. With the collected smog, containing a lot of carbon, Roosegaarde decided to make something usable— jewelry.  They are offering rings and cufflinks made out of the compressed smog they’ve collected.

Studio Roosegaarde

Sources: Studio Roosegaarde, Popular Science
Images: Studio Roosegaarde

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