Get Ready. Ridley Scott Is Making a Terrifying New Alien VR Experience

The xenomorph is coming.

4. 23. 17 by Dom Galeon
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Aliens in VR

As if the movies weren’t enough to give you chills, Ridley Scott, director of the sci-fi flick Alien, now wants to bring the horrific experience into virtual reality (VR). RSA Films, a production studio Scott co-founded, recently launched its dedicated, in-house VR division called RSA VR. According to the company’s short write up, this VR division won’t just be limited to VR. It will also include projects that explore augmented reality (AR) and other so-called mixed media.

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Leading the helm in RSA VR is Jen Dennis, who was involved in Scott’s first VR foray. “I think VR is one of the most exciting areas in the industry today, with potential to influence how we consume content for generations to come,” she said in a prepared statement.

“I enjoy everything from assembling teams and forging partnerships to create, distribute and market VR content, to having an ongoing informative — and often inspirational dialogue — with colleagues in the space. I consider us in a unique position to undertake this with RSA’s talented roster of directors,” Dennis added.

Beyond Just Aliens

RSA VR’s first work will be set in the world of Scott’s latest addition to the Alien franchise, the upcoming Alien: Covenant. The VR division is working with Twentieth Century Fox’s FoxNext and Technicolor’s MPC to deliver this experience — and it may even involve keeping that baby alien from wrapping around your face.


Undoubtedly, VR’s gaming and entertainment applications are broad and varied, not to mention enjoyable. However, this technology isn’t just limited to fun and games. Already, VR is seeing wider, more real-life applications. These include assisting doctors in medical procedures and letting you tour the world. VR is also set to change social interaction, as social media giant Facebook is working towards bringing it to their platform. Even McDonalds is in on it. VR is changing how we interact with reality.

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