Drone company DJI announced it will be adding real-time wildfire alerts to its geofencing system. According to the DJI website, the company's geofencing software, Geospatial Environment Online (GEO), provides "up-to-date guidance on areas where flight may be limited by regulation or raise safety concerns."  When wildfires are taking place, the geofencing system will note where they are, which in turn will prevent the drones from flying into them. 

This update protects the drone from getting damaged and prevents drone owners from becoming a nuisance and hindering any rescue efforts or fire suppression that might be underway.

Drone owners will get accurate and updated information, as wildfire data will directly taken from the AirMap app. The app pulls this information from the Department of Interior’s incident command system. Wildfires tend to spread rapidly, and by the time the FAA's notices go out, they've either reached other regions or are already extinguished.

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