Architects Design a Flood-Proof Parking Garage That Rises as It Rains

The design can prevent flood damage and add more green spaces to cities.

December 14, 2017

Coinbase Halts Ether and Litecoin Trading as Crypto Market Approaches $500 Billion

Litecoin hit a record of $312, while ether soared to more than $600 for the first time.

December 13, 2017

Your Future Coffee Could Be Bought Using Amazon Stock

Cash will be subsumed by a futuristic new economy.

December 13, 2017

Worried About Doomsday? You Can Rent This Bunker for $1000 Per Year

Its rent is cheaper than a New York apartment, and it's fortified against the apocalypse.

December 13, 2017

In the Future, the Meat You Eat Won’t Come From Living Organisms

The future of meat may not exactly be ... meat.

December 12, 2017

Bitcoin Futures Rose to $18,000 During Its First Day Of Trading

It also temporarily overwhelmed the CBOE website, and trading halted due to price swings.

December 12, 2017

The Solution to Our Education Crisis Might be AI

Are educators next in line for a robot takeover?

December 11, 2017

Expert: Science Behind Anti-Aging Research Is Solid, but the Funding Isn’t

"We have the plan and the people. It's all about giving those people the resources to get on with the job."

December 9, 2017

Australia’s Stock Exchange Is the First to Use Blockchain Tech

Making the switch could save tens of millions.

December 9, 2017

One Chef Is Using 3D Printing to Push the Boundaries of Traditional Pastry-Making

These treats look delicious.

December 8, 2017
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