Future Society

Technology allows us to live longer, work less, and know more than ever before. But what will we do once most of our labor force is replaced by computers or robots? Who has the final say in how knowledge is used and who has access to it? These questions are just a snapshot of the issues we will have to face in the future. We’ll track the policies, predictions, and philosophies that are steering us into the world of tomorrow.

A New “Intelligent Routing” Algorithm for Cars Could Dramatically Improve Traffic Flow

It’s like Waze on steroids.

31 mins ago

Here’s How Long You’d Survive on a Skyscraper That Hangs Off an Asteroid

It's literally out of this world. Maybe too much.

2 hours ago

3,000 of the World’s Smartest Minds Have Come Together to Ban Nuclear Weapons

"We don't need those damn things."

2 hours ago

Evidence Indicates That Universal Basic Income Improves Human Health

Making a biological case for UBI.

5 hours ago

CEO Disagrees With Trump Official’s Automation Prediction: “It’s Gonna Happen”

He says it's definitely coming, and likely by the mid-2020s.

6 hours ago

Congress Just Voted to Allow Internet Providers to Sell Your Browsing History

ISPs can now sell your internet history to the highest bidder.

6 hours ago

Nation Expected to Lose 30% of Jobs to Automation in 15 Years

How can a country work without jobs?

7 hours ago

The U.N. Is Currently Meeting To Negotiate A Complete, Global Ban on Nuclear Weapons

Scientists created the bomb. Now, they want to see it banned.

March 27, 2017

Expert Believes Canada Could Fill the U.S.’s Role in the Global Science Community

Trump’s travel ban could send scientists north.

March 24, 2017

Universal Basic Income Will Help Us Level the Economic Playing Field

How can the race to the top be fair if some begin way behind the starting line?

March 24, 2017
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