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It's that time of year, and From Quarks to Quasars is launching its annual fundraising drive. From Quarks to Quasars is a not-for-profit educational organization whose ultimate goal is to create a society in which all individuals (regardless of education or background) are able to understand science. To that end, our organization is dedicated to ensuring that everyone has free access to the latest developments in scientific news and research. Our organization is run entirely by volunteers, and it is supported by donations. Through your contribution, you help a great cause... And you can get some cool products in return.


We have a very exciting year planned, and your donations will help FQTQ take care of the costs associated with running a web-based educational business (website hosting and maintenance, online archival space, fees for image use, etc). The money raised from this campaign will be used to offset these costs (and to buy some prime real estate on the Moon*).



The centerpiece of the campaign is the "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known" t-shirt pictured here. This crowd funding project is being hosted on Teesprings. T-shirts are 10.50 USD and they do ship outside of the USA.

For more information, see:



Second, we have an Amazon affiliate store set up with a variety of products any good science nerd would enjoy.

You can see the store here:


Finally, you can always donate directly to us through Paypal here:


Everyone at From Quarks to Quasars thanks you for your generosity. Together, we can continue to build something wonderful.


**We are not really going to try and buy the Moon.

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