Credits: ScottH711 (via Flickr), James Tyrwhitt-Drake, Elektro-L Team (Compiled by FQTQ)

2014 was an extraordinary year for science. In just 365 days, we landed human-built technology on a comet, found previously-unknown particles, uncovered conclusive evidence of Mars' past habitability, came a few steps closer to curing debilitating diseases (like diabetes), shed unprecedented light on the origin of life, and the list goes on and on.

Instead of recognizing the most important scientific revelations of 2014, we thought we would look back on 2014 through FQTQ's eyes. Here is a list of 15 articles that were our most popular stories of the year.

SLIDESHOW: "FQTQ's 15 Most Popular Stories of 2014"

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Honorable Mentions:

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