Lenovo may have created the “need” for bendable tech gear after it unveiled the bendable smartphone.

Incidentally, researchers at the University of Illinois and Korea University may have found a way to help push for this wearable technology through a new bendable nano film.

Sam Yoon/Korea University

The nano film is not only bendable and flexible, but is also cheap to produce and conducts electricity, which could mean thinner and more bendable wearable electronic devices.

As icing to the already yummy, bendable cake, the film is also capable of retaining its properties after repeated cycles of stretching and bending, meaning that it is strong enough to take on the rigors of daily life.

According to Sam Yoon, a professor of mechanical engineering at Korea University, this new nano film “establishes world-record combination of high transparency and low electrical resistance, the latter at least 10-fold greater than the previous existing record.”

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