"What is Futurism?"

We Are About The Future

Science and technology are transforming our society and fundamentally reshaping what it means to be human. From bipedal robots to quantum physics, from gene editing to flying cars, Futurism tracks the breakthroughs that are reshaping our future and leading us into a brave new world.

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"Can I contribute an article to Futurism?"

Of Course!

Futurism is always happy to have individuals contribute their knowledge and insights. If you would like to share your expertise with the 20+ million monthly readers of Futurism's content, you can submit a final draft of your article to our contributor team for review.

How it Works

Futurism is particularly interested in content on artificial intelligence, transformative gadgets, genetic engineering, human augmentation and life extension, universal basic income, commercial spaceflight, and commentary on the world of tomorrow.

Send the final draft of your article along with a suggested title, headshot, and links to any social media accounts you'd like included in the author profile to sarah@futurism.com Please be sure to make the subject line "Contributor Article."

Our contributor team will review your article and contact you if it's something we're interested in publishing. Please do note that submission does not guarantee publication.

"Can I republish your content?"

It Depends

All Futurism content is licensed under Creative Commons for Attribution-Non-Commercial Use. For more information, please send your questions to contact@futurism.com