As more and more civilian drones are being flown freely, the threat to commercial airspace is increasing. Over the past two years, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has received countless reports of incidents related to these objects in the skies.

As a result, the FAA is expanding its research into ways to detect these unmanned aircraft, in hopes that it will be able to provide   more security for airports. In fact, the FAA borrowed an FBI drone detection system and field-tested it at the John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) last week.

Credit: Sky News

The FAA's press release details 40 trial runs involving the deployment of five different rotor and fixed-wing drones. Academia and staff from various agencies took part in the evaluation of the technology. The research being done by the FFA has been underway since earlier this year, when they did tests at the Atlantic City International Airport.

While drone detection seems to be the current goal, knocking them out of the sky is still another serious possibility.

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