People often ask why we should bother exploring space. For example, why should we bother to send a rover to mars, why search for alien planets, why land on an asteroid, why bother going to Pluto? People say that it costs too much. They say that it's too dangerous. They say that there are a million reasons that we shouldn't explore space.

And I think that the latest comic from Zen Pencil puts all of this into perspective. And it's terribly relevant. Of course, there are many reason to explore space (and to explore in general). But I think that this answers the question rather eloquently.

The quote comes from George Mallory, who was a famous English mountaineer. In 1924, he headed out in an attempt to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. No one ever saw him alive again. His climbing partner was Andrew Irvine, the pair were last seen just shy of their goal, a mere 245 meters (803 feet) from the summit. For decades, people assumed that they had perished in their attempt. Then, in 1999 (75 years after he went missing), Mallory's body was found.

It’s still debated whether Mallory and Irvine reached the summit before their deaths.

The quote here is answering the question, "Why climb Everest?" But although this quote isn't directly speaking about space exploration, I think it applies.

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Image Credit: Zen Pencil

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