Technology seems to continue to outpace the law. Each day new tech rises, laws may need to be made in order to regulate, or even mitigate (in extreme cases), any associated risks.

Aviation regulatory agencies in Europe are calling for more more regulation of unmanned personal aircraft.

According to the BBC, following the 10 near-collision cases between drones and manned aircraft this year alone, a total of 10 associations in the EU have called for all drones to be registered before going airborne. The stated, "The recreational use of drones is rapidly increasing, and the related risk of incidents and accidents with manned aviation must be mitigated."

This is not news to those in the States. In the US, drone registration is already in effect where users must register their drones with the FAA if they weigh more than half a pound (228g).

The UK's CAA doesn't follow the call for registration though, instead it calls for more preventive measures in proper education and geofencing implementation.

As you may know, geofencinga technology developed to prevent drones from flying in certain airspace—is already implemented in several drones available in the market, but no such laws exist requiring the limitations.

"We would absolutely encourage manufacturers to fit geofencing," said CAA's Jon Nicholson. "At the moment it's not something that's mandatory."

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