• The machine is a 3D electroplating metal printer and an electrochemical reaction to deposit metal where desired. Many kinds of metal can be used, even alloys, conductive and semiconducting materials and in multi metal layers. Plus it’s also very cheap relative to other alternatives.
  • For those of you familiar with electroplating, it is a process based on electrolysis. Accardi’s 3D printer doesn’t use any laser sintering, stereolithography, or fused filament fabrication like the vast majority of other 3D printers on the market today. Instead, it uses the simple concept of electroplating in order to fabricate metal objects.
  • The creator believes that this could lead to the 3D printing of many unique electronic devices such as “intelligent prostheses” which could feel temperatures and pressure. While the printer has a ton of potential, one obstacle that needs to be overcome is the slowness with which it prints. In the prototype, it printed approximately 0.2mm on the z-axis, over the course of one hour.

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