Emergent VR’s Technology

Emergent VR has raised $2.2 million from Accel Partners, Rothenberg Ventures and Google Ventures to develop a mobile version of the platform they created where users can capture high resolution 360o content using only a camera phone. Users will be able to scan the area they are in, in a similar fashion to homeone may typically take a panoramic photo. This image is then automatically stitched together and produced at a resolution that Emergent VR claims to be higher than traditional 360o video. Not only that, but instead of simply capturing a single still 360o image, the platform also allows the user to seamlessly add video within the scene. The entire process only takes a few minutes.

The Plans

Emergent VR’s capture system allows you to place standardly recorded video within 360o image and merge it with the rest of the scene. The ultimate goal is for users to be able to merge several videos within a single 360o image. Since it was already announced that Facebook and YouTube now supports 360o videos, the company also intends to allow social content creation aimed at the general public. A beta version of Emergent VR’s platform is planned to be released by the 2015 holiday season, followed by a full release along with major headsets in 2016.

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