While Tesla and electric cars currently have the spotlight in clean transportation solutions, other vehicles have also electrified their industries.

One invention is the electric bike, a hybrid of bikes and electric motorcycles. And now ElectroBike, an electric bike maker and rental service that started in Mexico in 2012, has released a new ultra-light and portable e-bike — the Air-33.

Even with the added bulk of its batteries, the Air-33 is 15 kg (33 lbs) lighter than the average e-bike, weighing only 15 kg (34 lbs).

But it can still go a long way. The base model has a 36V, 8Ah lithium-ion battery with a range of 40 km (25 mi), while the Plus model offers a 10 Ah Panasonic unit good for 52 km (35 mi).

It has several modes, including a manual unassisted mode, a fully-powered "electric motorbike" mode, and a pedal-assist mode.

It also has a slew of smart features, including anti-theft and an LCD dashboard that displays speed, battery level, and distance traveled. Plus, it can fold in half.

Image Credit: ElectroBike

The Air-33 was successfully funded on Kickstarter where it offers the bikes for $800 instead of the normal $2,300 retail price.

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