Earth & Energy

As humanity’s impact on the biosphere becomes increasingly profound, the focus on alternative forms of energy intensifies. Simultaneously, scientists and innovators are working to engineer Earth’s weather and modify the environment to recreate the biosphere in a planned, precise way. We’ll follow the cutting-edge research that is leading us into the next age of energy and scrutinize the impact that humanity is having on our Pale Blue Dot.

Watch: Do We Really Share 99% of Our DNA With Chimps?

Find out the truth behind the often-repeated statistic.

10 hours ago

The Smallest Changes in Temperature Can Have a Huge Impact on Our Planet

This is why global warming can't be ignored.

10 hours ago

A New Power Plant Burns Fossil Fuels Without Any Carbon Emissions

This is a zero-emissions, smokestack-free plant.

May 25, 2017

Sea Levels Are Rising Even Faster Than Previously Thought

Researchers say we can’t stop the rise, but we can slow it down.

May 24, 2017

We May Have an Entirely New Source of Energy – “Flammable Ice”

This elusive substance could be more abundant than all other fossil fuels combined.

May 24, 2017

Students Made a Car That Gets a Staggering 2,713 Miles per Gallon

Tesla isn't the only one transforming the auto industry.

May 22, 2017

The Fastest Electric Car in the World Just Broke Its Own Speed Record

This car can reach 194 mph, and it's all-electric.

May 22, 2017

Melting Permafrost Threatens The “Doomsday” Seed Bunker

The seeds that could eventually save humanity are at risk.

May 22, 2017

India Is Scraping a Major Coal Project in Favor of Renewables

“Our focus is now on renewable energy. The government will encourage solar power.”

May 22, 2017

There Are No Legitimate Arguments Against Human-Caused Climate Change

"It must be made clear that there are facts that are not subject to opinion."

May 21, 2017
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