What's Happening

A program by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA has had a few dozen people provided with brain implants which have allowed them to score better on memory tests administered afterwards. These implants applied targeted shocks to the memory center of their brain with a goal to let scientists interpret and read brain activity which contributes to the recalling and forming of memories. This will also allow the researchers to predict when the individual is about to remember something incorrectly. These electrodes are then going to be used to give electrical shocks to specific parts of the brain cells which store memory.

The Implications

One of the things that was observed during preliminary findings was that the scientists were able to activate areas in the brain of their patients which has allowed them to recall memories easier. Although they are still figuring out a better delivery system for this kind of stimulation, these implants could be a stepping stone to someday help people restore their memory. This is especially crucial to those that have suffered from traumatic brain injury or other neurological problems.

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