• DARPA has set an ambitious goal for companies to create a vessel that can go into space 10 times in 10 days, with each flight costing less than $5 million. The Agency has chosen three companies — Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Masten Space Systems — to move forward and continue in competition to become the XS-1 producer.'
  • The XS-1 is airplane-like space vehicle that can fly to space and rapidly launch small satellites, space weapons, and more into orbit at the edge of Earth's atmosphere. This space plane can then return, land, get refueled, and take on board another delivery, before it blasts off again.
  • The idea is that this craft would be a game-changer allowing the U.S. to travel to space and then return to Earth and fly again within 24 hours. In just a few short years, the XS-1 it may make it possible for one single aircraft to take ten return trips to space over the course of ten days.

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