• Dark matter is a giant question mark looming over our knowledge of the Universe. There is more dark matter in the Universe than visible matter, but it is extremely elusive; it does not reflect, absorb or emit light, making it invisible. Because of this, it is only known to exist via its gravitational effects on the visible Universe.
  • To learn more about this mysterious substance, researchers studied what happens when it bumps into things. The team found that, like the stars, the dark matter continued straight through the violent collisions without slowing down. It seems that dark matter not only doesn’t interact with visible particles, it also interacts even less with other dark matter than previously thought.
  • By finding that dark matter interacts with itself even less than previously thought, the team have successfully narrowed down the properties of dark matter. These latest results rule out interactions that create a strong frictional force, causing dark matter to slow down during collisions.

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