• The company is called AOBiome, and they are re-introducing their spray on bacteria under the name Mother Dirt, a reference to the soil from which the key ingredient is derived. Since then hundreds of orders have come in, sometimes as many as 10 per minute. Almost half are from new customers.

  • They are the first cosmetics company to market a product that purposely contains live bacteria—they don’t cause illness, even if ingested—which sets Mother Dirt apart from the glut of recent scientific skin-care items. 

  • The team, now 11 people, hopes to make pharmaceutical breakthroughs and earn revenue from existing and new patents. This spring the FDA gave the company the go-ahead for a Phase II study to develop an AOB-based acne medication. If all goes well, it will be available by 2017. The startup remains unprofitable, though it has enough capital from investors to conduct expensive pharma trials. 

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