What’s On TV?

As it continues to explore how it can innovate content, the BBC seems to be really pushing the envelope of possibilities. They just announced that they will be releasing a documentary in virtual reality.

The program is tentatively titled Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel, which will put viewers in the shoes of Willie McNieve, a 19 year old who bore witness to the armed insurrection in Ireland. The story takes people through McNieve’s personal account of the events, thus giving them a more personal and intimate glimpse of the rebellion.

The show is scheduled for release this year on the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

VR On the Small Screen

This will not be the network’s only foray into VR. According to their website, the BBC is looking into how it can continue creating more interactive documentary projects this year.

As VRFocus notes: “Easter Rising is not the organisation's first experiment with the medium, but it is the BBC's first major VR project. And while virtual reality might still be in its infancy, the world already has seen a number of documentaries presented in that format. There’s a synergy between the two conceits.”

The question now is whether audiences will be receptive to these efforts. But it sure seems like it. As the official market launch dates of VR devices draws near, pre-orders for the devices have been unprecedented.

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