Image Credit: NASA

This spectacular photo was taken on January 26th of 2003 by the Columbia Space Shuttle astronauts on their final mission. You can clearly see the quarter moon visible in the Earth's horizon just above the hazy blueish atmosphere.


Sadly, the Columbia crew present on the mission that recorded this photo were killed on February 1st of 2003 when the shuttle they were riding it broke apart in Earth's atmosphere upon re-entry. This beautiful photograph is a testament to their lives and a desire to learn more about the laws that govern the universe that we are made of.symbol of the human nature to persevere in the face of tragedy. Their sacrifices will not soon be forgotten.


Rest in peace to all seven of the Columbia astronauts that passed away on this mission:


  • Commander: Rick D. Husband
  • Pilot: Willian C. McCool
  • Payload Commander: Michael P. Anderson
  • Payload Specialist: IIan Ramon
  • Mission Specialists: Kalpana Chawla, Laurel Clark and David M. Brown


You can find more information about the mission and failure to ascend back to Earth safely and successfully here.

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