A new product called Chronos can now help give any wristwatch smartwatch capabilities. The 3mm attachment, designed to connect to the back of traditional timepieces, can alert wearers of notifications that they receive from their smartphone, decline calls, skip music tracks, and perform a number of other tasks.

Alerts are delivered via vibration patterns and colors. The device is compatible for both iOS and Android and is already available for preorder, with shipments set to begin in the Spring.

Time Will Tell

Despite its limited repertoire of additional digital features, Chronos does manage to offer the core smartwatch capabilities by integrating the user’s smartphone with their preferred timepiece discreetly. The product captures a new segment for the smartwatch market; specifically, it is relevant to those who are unwilling to switch from their classic timepieces by providing an easy and unobtrusive solution to enjoying the benefits of wearable technology.

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