How did they do it?

A team of Chinese scientists used the specialized Regenovo 3D bio-printer to produce artificial hepatic lobules, or small segments of the liver's lobes. The liver's lobe is comprised of millions of hepatic lobules, and the team believes that they can 3D print an entire human liver through this major development.The team believes that if they are successful in doing so, the implications on the future of 3D printing will be "colossal."

Regenovo 3D bio-printer

Unlike traditional 3D printers, the Regenovo 3D bio-printer uses real human cells in the process - which eventually forms human tissue. It has specially designed nozzles and material curing technology, which help keep the cells alive and in good condition. The machine was designed by Professor Xu Mingen of the Hangzhou Electronic Science and Technology University.

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