Verizon customers can thank competition from other wireless carriers for the latest news from the company. The nation's largest network now provides unlimited data plans to its customers for $80 per month. For those taking advantage of family plans, there's also an option of $45 per line, per month.


According to Engadget, heavy users do still run the risk of data overages should they use more than 22 GB in a given month. This new plan offers some increased freedom in other parts of North America as well. Calling and texting in Canada and Mexico are covered, with a daily allowance of 500 MB per day of full speed data.

Verizon is trying to keep up with the times. Data caps are becoming more and more restrictive as we continue to give in to our cravings for constant connectivity. While's we're not going to deride Verizon for giving its customers what they want or need, we still must personally strive to ensure that we are not allowing such unbridled connectivity serve as a distraction or hindrance.

Our smartphones and social media accounts should serve as tools that empower us to enhance our lives, not dictate them. The word "addiction" gets thrown around flippantly when discussing cell phone usage, yet it is not that people being addicted to their phones. Problems arise when we allow social media and our online lives to replace real life experiences, instead of augmenting them.

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