• The i-limb, developed by Touch Bionics, is controlled by the wearer’s muscle signals and configurable via a mobile app. It is the first prosthetic hand that can change grips with a simple gesture: the wearer simply moves their hand in any of the four directions to instantly activate the desired grip.
  • The i-limb quantum was only released in June, and incorporates the company’s i-mo technology which allows forward, backward and side-to-side movements, enabling grips such as a pinch grip or a lateral grip. "It works from electrodes which are positioned on the surface of his skin within the socket of his prosthesis, so this is the custom-made part which is fitted on to his residual limb." said Alison Goodwin, prosthetist at Touch Bionics.

  • “He was born missing a hand. At first, I didn’t really give much thought to it, but as time went on I blamed myself for it. Now I can see him with two hands.It gives him his independence so he can make his own food and tidy his own room,” His mother, Clare, said.

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