• The news from 21 Inc., which is also adding former Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers to its advisory board and announcing that tech giant Cisco Systems Inc and former AMR Holdings PLC chief strategy officer Mark Templeton are investing in the company, ends 18 months of intense speculation within the bitcoin community.
  • 21’s concept of “embedded mining” marks a very different approach. It foresees mainstream consumer devices quietly mining in the background to receive very small, ongoing distributions from a managed pool of bitcoin earnings.
  • Rather than seeking to dominate the highly competitive business of bitcoin mining for profit, 21 is focused on a future “Internet of Things” era in which interconnected appliances will, in Mr. Srinivasan’s words, draw from an “infinite stream of digital currency” to engage in micro-transactions. In theory, it would facilitate a new mode of commerce, interconnectivity and network access that is otherwise impossible un

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