There are a number of individuals who refuse to accept the science behind evolution. Although everyone should have a healthy dose of skepticism, unfortunately, a lot of individuals reject evolution because of misunderstandings and misconceptions related to the theory. In fact, more than 33 percent of Americans say they don’t accept evolution as scientific fact. Fortunately, there are a number of individuals who are working to correct the inaccuracies and help people better understand the theory of evolution and its basis as a scientific fact.

Here, you can see everyone's favorite science guy, Bill Nye, explain evolution in under two minutes using (of all things) emoji cons. It's an amazingly simple and easy to understand explanation.

Oftentimes, individuals try and oversimplify evolution, which just results in more misunderstandings and problems. So one might think that Nye's decision to use emojis is questionable. However, his explanation is actually, well, pretty dead-on. This is probably because he isn't letting the emojis do the bulk of the work. Instead, he speaks eloquently about the topic, using the small faces in order to illustrate and help clarify what he is saying. In short, it's a visual representation of the points that are being made.

Also, from 12/10 to 12/12, fans who SnapChat "@GeneralElectric" their favorite emoji ​can receive a video of a live-conducted science experiment that corresponds to their emoji of choice. really, it's just a neat way of getting individuals interested in the sciences. And quite frankly, we could do with a bit more of that.

WATCH: Evolution and Emojis

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